Chino Church of Christ

Chino Church of Christ Cancels all Services & Classes Until further Notice

Dear Chino Family, All Chino Worship Services/Bible Classes are cancelled until further notice! Why?  Because we are in the middle of a significant public health problem.  In order to prevent this problem from overwhelming our medical facilities then we must slow the spread of COVID-19.  To accomplish this, various levels of government are placing restrictions on […]

Truths at the Cross

Each of us finds truth at the cross of Jesus. As you stand at the foot of His cross, what great truths come into your heart? Sometimes our greatest understanding of truth comes in the midst of great trauma. At His cross, I learn the truth about myself. There were so many who were impacted […]


By Eddie Parish Rosenberg, TX If you are a Christian, you must… …always let your speech be with grace (Col. 4:6). …always rejoice in the Lord (Phil. 4:4). …always obey (Phil. 2:12). …always be ready to give answer to those who ask (1 Pet. 3:15). …always be confident (2 Cor. 5:6). …always be zealous (Gal. […]

They Were Together

When I study the phenomenal growth of the New Testament church, there is no doubt that they owed that growth to the divine source of the message they preached and the dedicated way in which the early Christians spread the good news. They also believed that message with all their heart, and that faith drove […]

Opportunity to help Victims of the Taal Volcano Eruption

Below is a Facebook post from Luis Chito Cusi. He is describing what is being done in the wake of the eruption of the TAAL Volcano in the Philippines. The post was forwarded by our Brother Reuben Lacuata. Local congregations of the church together with the Medical Action for Relief, Counseling and Healing (MARCH) for Christ are working to provide food, […]

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