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Since June 1970, our most distinctive feature can be seen in our attitude toward restoring New Testament Christianity in our day. We take this effort very seriously. Genuine Christianity is the religion of Bible authority, so you will find us doing our level best to comply with what the Scriptures teach.

What you will find when you visit us are people who are striving to please God. You will find us reading from His Word, the Bible, and expounding on it.


Reuben Lacuata

Reuben was born and raised in the Philippines. His father was converted by Floyd Hamilton and preached for 25 years. Reuben moved to the United States in 1975 and is married to Roma. Reuben has a son, Ron, who is married to Jeanette, and a granddaughter, Jenna.
Tel: 951-479-5504
Email: rrlacuata@gmail.com

Gene A Rupel Jr

Gene and Anne have two daughters: Esther and Rachel. Gene graduated from UC Irvine. He is a retired Defense Industry Software Engineer. His interests are History, politics and preaching. In 2004, Gene accepted the responsibility of serving as an elder of the Church in Chino.
Tel: 951-276-1059
Email: generupeljr@earthlink.net

Corey Schissler

Corey is a native Californian. He and Jonal were married in 1979 and have three children: Brittney, Joseph, and Noah. Three grandsons and two granddaughter. Corey has worked for Bank of America since 1977 in 18 different financial centers, primarily in management. He began serving as one of the elders of the Church in Chino in 2004. 
Tel: 951-907-8551
Email: cschissler@aol.com


Brunel Merilus

The seeds of faith were planted in Brunel by his parents and grandparents who modeled placing God first in their life. He became a Christian in 1991 at the age of 19. He married Mystique in 1996 and they have two children: Nathaniel and Dejanine. Brunel has a Masters degree in Educational Administration. He has worked as an educator in the LA Unified School district for over 15 years and now serves as an Administrator. 

Jerry Thompson

Jerry was born in South Dakota, served in the US Navy, married Carol, and moved to California. They have two children: Monte and Patty. Most of his life has been spent in the auto industry, selling and designing custom interior packages, some for notable customers like Roy Rogers. Jerry began serving as one of our deacons in 2004. 

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