What is that in Your Hand?

In Exodus 3 we read about Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush. From the beginning of
this book it is apparent to the reader that Moses is someone God is grooming to be a useful servant.
Unfortunately, Moses doesn’t think he is a worthy candidate for service. He’s full of excuses for why God
should choose someone else. Exodus 4 opens up with Moses saying he’s worried about people not
listening to him, or believing what he says. God then responds to Moses with this question – “What is that
in your hand?” Moses replies, “A rod.”
The rod/staff Moses was holding would be about 6 feet in length. Some may have described it as a
big dead stick, but this rod/staff is what identified Moses as a shepherd. It would have been used to both
guide and guard the sheep under his care. It represented who he was and what he did for a living. You
may have a pen in your hand because you are a writer, perhaps a hammer in your hand because you are a
carpenter, or perhaps a knife because you are a surgeon? Others may not be skilled with these
instruments but you are. You may not even view the item in your hand as very powerful, but when God is
behind you, these instruments can accomplish whatever God wants them to accomplish.
Just think of all God accomplished through Moses with that rod/staff. Before Pharaoh’s magicians
Moses threw the staff down and it became a snake that ate other snakes. If you look at the various
plagues brought upon Egypt in Exodus 7-12 you will notice the staff was involved in turning the rivers to
blood, and much more. It was the staff that Moses lifted over the Red Sea to divide the waters and allow
the Israelites to cross on dry ground (Exodus 14:16). In Exodus 17:8-16, it is referred to as the “rod of God”
as Moses holds it up and victory is given over the Amalekites.
What has God placed in your hand? Do you view yourself as a steward of God’s possessions? Do
not be tempted like Moses to think you cannot be useful to God, or that your possessions and talents are
nothing more than a dead stick. God can use a small stone to slay a giant. He can use a small amount of
food to feed thousands. He can use you as well. What your hand is holding is not very special if it is ONLY
in your hand. However, in God’s hand, it can be used to honor and serve Him in ways our finite minds
cannot imagine.

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