Bulletin – February 13th, 2022

Save the dates…

  • FEBRUARY 13…2nd Sunday Singing at the home of Reuben and Roma Lacuata following PM worship. Please bring a dish to share.
  • FEBRUARY 19…3rd Saturday Community Outreach at the Ruben S. Ayala Park located on the corner of Central and Edison at 14225 Central Ave, Chino, from 10:00 – 2:00. Please see Reuben or Roma Lacuata or Karen Burton for more information.
  • FEBRUARY 22…The Lunch Bunch will be gathering at Los Portales located at 10244 Central Ave.,
    Montclair, at 11:30 AM. Hope YOU can join us!


…but prayer was being made earnestly to God for him by the church. Acts 12:5

  • Gaby Bailey-Juarez: Gaby’s latest Liver and Kidney tests look amazing. Her new Liver & Kidney are working well and she has returned to work!
  • Vince Ellingsen, former member at Chino who now resides in Kalispell, MT. Vince is recuperating from a recent fall on his new artificial knee and is mourning the loss of his wife, Dodie.
  • Randy Proffitt, Danny and Cindy’s nephew, Randy started a new chemo treatments. He is struggling and has beseeched prayers stating that, “he cannot do this by himself”. More importantly, please pray for his spiritual condition.
  • Glenn McCoy, former Elder at the State College congregation, is in a nursing care facility and is struggling.
  • Janice McCoy, Glenn’s wife, has undergone cancer surgery and is now receiving chemotherapy.
  • Tom Brown, Bob Mellard’s brother-in-law who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, is suffering from seizures and is recovering at home.
  • Mildred Hamilton is struggling with health issues and has recently had a couple of falls. Phone calls are welcome and she can have visitors, but you need to make an appointment with Oakmont where she resides.
  • Nichole Tatum, Deja Brunel’s Dental Hygienist, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Delbert Henson, a brother-in-Christ, who is serving in the military, has developed some serious health problems.
  • Joe Lueras is being treated for prostate cancer.
  • Diana Silva, Joe Lueras’ daughter, diagnosed with stage one breast cancer and is receiving chemo.
  • Richard and Connie Ramirez are dealing with family issues and are requesting prayers on their behalf. Also, Richard has recently suffered with stroke like symptoms.
  • Alana, Anthony and Amy Alvo’s neighbor, is struggling with colon cancer.
  • Abby Alvo was injured during cheer practice and has suffered a radial head (elbow) fracture.
  • Jeff Labada, A friend of the Weaklands, Jeff had reconstructive bladder surgery in 2020 due to cancer. It was successful; however, another tumor has developed and they are unable to do any treatments or surgery on it due to its location. Please pray that the doctors find another way to help him as well as the family as they are devastated from this news.
  • Ted Allan, Johnnie Duane’s brother, is suffering with a lot of pain. Tests are being run to find the cause.
  • Lee Dacus was hospitalized with COVID and is now home recuperating.
  • Maxine Collins, member at Upland, Maxine is 92 years old and is struggling with a respiratory illness.
  • MOURNING: Vince Ellingsen over the recent loss of his wife, Dodie Ellingson.

Volunteers are needed to help with our community outreach efforts on the 3rd Saturday of every month. There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the foyer allowing people to choose which time works best for them. You can team up with other members or make it a family project.



OUR SENIORS: Lee Dacus, Joe/Lupe Lueras, Ken McCutcheon, Mildred Hamilton, Bob Alvord, Earlene Abraham, Vera Anthony, Leota Jackson, Jean Williams, Jerry/Carol Thompson, Barbara Bailey and Charlene Osborne.


MILITARY: Ed Vales’ granddaughter’s husband, (AJ Jones), is at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, WA, Damon Aragon’s nephew, and Xander Armas, USMC San Diego

OUR SHEPHERDS: Corey, Gene, and Reuben.

Those works that the congregation supports:

Benevolent Support: City of Children (Orphanage in Mexico), Orphan’s Lifeline International (Orphans in 9 different countries), and Agape Village (Children’s Home).

Evangelistic Support:

PREACHER TRAINING SCHOOLS: Bear Valley Bible Institute, Sunset International Bible Institute, and Southwest School of Bible Studies.
CONGREGATIONS SUPPORTED: Palates In Metro Manila, Bicol Region, and Baguio. (These congregations are located in the Philippines).
TELEVISION PROGRAM: In Search Of The Lord’s Way, (a nationwide gospel program).

February Birthdays

02/02 Lanika Apodaca
02/05 John Duane
02/11 Amber Casolari
02/13 Joe Lueras
02/13 Val Lloyd
02/14 Lupe Lueras
02/20 Steve Lloyd

Read Through the Bible in 2022! Here is the reading schedule for 2/6-2/28/22.
The reading schedule is chronological and is taken from:

12 Leviticus 11-13
13 Leviticus 14-16
14 Leviticus 17-19
15 Leviticus 20-23
16 Leviticus 24-27
17 Numbers 1-3
18 Numbers 4-6
19 Numbers 7-10
20 Numbers 11-14
21 Numbers 15-17
22 Numbers 18-20
23 Numbers 21-24
24 Numbers 25-27
25 Numbers 28-30
26 Numbers 31-33
27 Numbers 34-36
28 Deuteronomy 1-3
1 Deuteronomy 4-6
2 Deuteronomy 7-9
3 Deuteronomy 10-12
4 Deuteronomy 13-16
5 Deuteronomy 17-19
6 Deuteronomy 20-22

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