Agape Villages Foster Family Agency

The past several months we have learned about the wonderful work being done to care for children by the dedicated Christians through Orphan’s Lifeline International and City of Children. Another children’s work that receives support from our congregation is Agape Villages. The following is taken from the church of Christ website located in Merced, CA:

The Church is told to care for the needy children and that is what we strive to do by supporting the Agape Villages. The Agape Village is a Church of Christ based foster care agency striving to fulfill the needs of children and their families throughout Northern California. They are always thankful to receive any support through donations and volunteering of your time.

This is taken from Agape Villages website:

Agape Villages is a licensed foster family agency placing children in foster homes in communities throughout Northern California. They accept referrals from California’s Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services and County Mental Health Departments. They serve disadvantaged children, adolescents and young adults from newborn to 21 years of age.

They are also a licensed adoption agency, serving our families, children and youth through the permanency of adoption.

Agape Villages began its ministry in 1958 as Sierra Children’s Home and evolved into a network of regional group homes. In 1995 they moved to foster family care, at which time the agency name changed to AGAPE VILLAGES. In the over half a century since 1958, they have served more than 6,000 of California’s most troubled youth. Agape Villages remains committed to the same principles that energized the agency’s founders: our values; providing the very highest level of professional services to disadvantaged children and their families; devotion to the people who choose to provide loving foster care for homeless and disadvantaged children that depend on us to help them recover and reshape their futures.

What the children have to say about Agape Villages and their programs:

“Agape Villages has helped me realize I have potential to do things in my life even as a foster youth.”
– 18 year old foster child

“I have learned so many things through the enrichment and living skills programs… how to ride a horse, do a resume,
and the importance about saving for the future.”
– 16 year old foster child

“I now know I can be something in my life”.
– 15 year old foster child

Agape Villages Foster Family Agency

Not only do we send financial support, but the talented ladies, (with the occasional help of a couple of fellas), have provided many beautifully and lovingly hand made quilts for the children in foster care.

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