Bulletin – April 11th, 2021

From the Elders:
Sunday morning Bible Classes have resumed with worship following at 10:30am. We are studying 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus & Philemon. Workbooks are available.

Based on the recent guidelines for COIVD and the restrictions for places of worship, our service will now be conducted indoors.

9:30am – 10:15am: Adult Bible Study
9:30am – 10:15am: Children Bible Classes
10:30am – 11:30am: Sunday Worship

(Our Sunday night worship and Wednesday night Bible study have been cancelled until further notice.)

Save the date….April 27….Lunch bunch will be gathering at Los Portales, 10244 Central Ave., Montclair, at 11:30 AM. Los Portales is located in the same parking lot as the Pancakes R Us restaurant. We had a total of 12 people who enjoyed our luncheon fellowship this past Tuesday and hope YOU can join us on the 27th!

An Announcement from Brunel:
In addition to our adult Bible class we have also resumed the children’s Bible classes at 9:30 am on Sunday Morning as well. We are excited to have Karen Burton teaching the Pre-Teen
class. She believes in making Bible class fun but informative. The focus for this class will be how we know the Bible is the Word of God. Please encourage your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, family friends etc. to attend. Like many of you I have strived to live according to Matthew 6:33 seeking God’s Kingdom first and His righteousness and have seen the tremendous blessings that come from living this way. We need to instill this in our children, so too their lives will be blessed! A great way to start is by having them meet with the Body Sunday mornings, not only for worship, but in showing the desire to do more for God (really for us), and attending Bible study. If there is anything you would like me to do in addition or differently for the kid’s classes, or have questions, please do not hesitate in letting me know. I would appreciate it.

Help for Gaby and Alan Bailey-Juarez
Due to the financial strain brought on by Gaby’s transplant surgeries, the Eldership has chosen to help them financially. We also want to encourage individual members to help Gaby and Alan as well. You  can do so by identifying on your church contribution check or electronic deposit how much you want to  give to Gaby and Alan. We will then distribute your donation with the church funds we plan to give  them. If you have any questions then simply pull us aside or call any of us anytime. The Chino Elders


…but prayer was being made earnestly to God for him by the church. Acts 12:5

    • Gaby Bailey-Juarez was released from the hospital on 3/14. She is with Alan in the hotel room in AZ. Gaby is still in a lot of pain from her wound vac & she has lost a lot of weight. She is working hard at her physical therapy at home & getting stronger every day. They hope to be back in CA within a few weeks if all goes well with her recovery. Thank you so much for all the prayers & help that the Church & members have given us. God Bless.
    • Leota and John Jackson, Leota fell and broke her hip and is recuperating at home. John is struggling with cancer.
    • Vince and Dodie Ellingson, who were former members at Chino and now reside in Kalispell, Montana. Dodie is in
      a memory care facility and has fallen twice and has a broken pelvis.
    • Bob Alvord is dealing with health issues.
    • Darrel Nott has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
    • Randy Proffitt, Danny Proffitt’s nephew, Randy, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The cancer in his vertebrae caused a fracture in his back for which he had surgery to repair. In addition, the cancer in his lungs and chest cavity has taken over. He is in a lot of pain and his prognosis is not good.
    • Ken McCutcheon, is struggling with health issues.
    • Glenn McCoy, former Elder at the State College congregation is in a nursing care facility and is struggling.
    • Tom Brown, (Bob Mellard’s brother-in-law who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas). He is suffering from seizures and is recovering at home.
    • Mildred Hamilton, is struggling with health issues. She has recovered from the shingles, but she now has
      pneumonia. She was hospitalized, but she is now home recuperating.
    • Ed Vales, recuperating from surgery for a blood clot in his calf and knee surgery.
    • Dean Nelson, Danny Proffitt’s cousin. Dean is on the road to recovery. He is now in rehab working on gaining his strength after a long, hard battle with COVID. He thanks everyone for their prayers.
    • Connie McGill– Bob Mellard’s oldest sister, Connie is 93 and is in the hospital in an unresponsive state.
    • Shirley Burton-Karen’s Mom, is recovering from surgery for a broken femur. The last report is that she is doing well.
    • Amber Pitteroff asked for prayers for dealing with temptation and is looking for a church home.
    • Carol Thompson, Carol fell and broke her wrist.
    • Mary Schaffer, Earlene’s daughter in laws sister. Mary had Covid in December and January. Due to prior health problems she has not recovered well. She now has heart problems, The doctors are talking stents in her heart. Also they say she has severe Covid Syndrome, and doctors are planning to do a cat scan of her brain.
    • Rachel Castleberg, Gene and Anne Rupel’s daughter- Rachel is pregnant and is due in May. She will be giving birth in Germany.
    • Charlene Osborne, struggling with health issues.
    • Jonal Schissler-had surgery on her Achilles tendon. She is home recuperating.
    • Dave Board, ORPHAN’S LIFELINE CEO AND CO-FOUNDER- Dave has been diagnosed with a form of lymphoma and is currently undergoing treatment in Kalispell, MT. Prayers have been requested for Dave, his family and Orphan’s Lifeline in this difficult time. Cards and other forms of encouragement can be mailed to: P.O. Box 1100, Kalispell, MT. 59903.


  • Please pray for Esther and Patrick Warf (Gene and Anne Rupel’s daughter and son-in law), as well as Gene and Anne over the recent loss of Esther and Patrick’s baby, Molly.
  • Ezra Hudson recently passed away at the age of 94 years old. Due to COVID restrictions, services were held this past week at Forest Lawn for immediate family only. Ezra was a beloved longtime member here at Chino who was unable to attend services for the past several years due to health issues. Ezra had a servant’s heart and cared for many “special needs” foster children by providing a loving, Christian home. She would also bring these children to church with her. She was also known for her hospitality by opening her home for many church fellowships. She has touched the hearts and lives of many in the church as well as those in the foster care community. Please keep her family and all those who loved her in your prayers.


**OUR SENIORS: Lee Dacus, Ezra Hudson, Virginia Braun, Joe Lueras, Mildred Hamilton, Bob Alvord, Earlene Abraham, Vera Anthony, John/Leota Jackson, and Jerry/Carol Thompson.
**MILITARY: Ed Vales’ granddaughter’s husband, (AJ Jones), is at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, WA, Damon Aragon’s nephew, and Xander Armas, USMC San Diego
**OUR SHEPHERDS: Corey, Gene, and Reuben

April Birthdays

04/02 Alan Bailey-Juarez
04/04 Dominic Casolari
04/07 Amy Alvo
04/07 Cindy Proffitt
04/11 Lynette Dorling
04/18 Vera Anthony
04/20 Donna Lehotay
04/22 Elijah Apodaca
04/23 Gina Bracht

Works we support…

Benevolent Support::
City of Hope, (Orphanage in Mexico), Orphan’s Lifeline International (Orphans in Russia and Africa),
Agape Village, (Children’s Home).
Evangelistic Support:
James Lloyd, (local evangelist), Bear Valley Bible Institute, Sunset International Bible Institute, Southwest
School of Bible Studies, (preaching training schools).
Congregation Support
Television Program Support:
IN SEARCH OF THE LORD’S WAY, (nationwide gospel tv program)

Read Through the Bible in 2021! Here is the reading schedule for 4/4 – 4/21.
The reading schedule is chronological and is taken from:

11 Psalms 1-3
12 Psalms 4-6
13 Psalms 7-9
14 Psalms 10-12
15 Psalms 13-15
16 Psalms 16-18
17 Psalms 19-21
18 Psalms 22-24
19 Psalms 25-27
20 Psalms 28-30
21 Psalms 31-33
22 Psalms 34-36
23 Psalms 37-39
24 Psalms 40-42
25 Psalms 43-45
26 Psalms 46-48
27 Psalms 49-51
28 Psalms 52-54

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