Bulletin – February 28th, 2021

From the Elders:
Sunday morning Bible Classes will be resuming on Sunday, March 7th, at 9:30 AM with worship following at 10:30. We will be studying 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus & Philemon. Materials will be distributed starting February 28th.

Based on the recent guidelines on Covid restrictions on places of worship published on February 22, 2021, singing during indoor worship is limited to 10 performers. As a result, the Sunday assembly schedule will be as follows:

9:30 to 10:15 Bible Study in the auditorium (starting March 7)
10:30 to 10:45 Singing, Scripture Reading, Prayer: Outdoors
10:45 to 11:30 Lord Supper, Sermon and Closing Prayer: Indoors

(Our Sunday night worship and Wednesday night Bible study have been cancelled until further notice.)


The Tahoe Family Encampment is resuming this year, July 23-30, 2021. If you are planning to go, it is a good
idea to make hotel reservations or campground reservations early as spaces often fill up quickly. For
reservations call: TVC campground at, 1-877-717-8737 or Motel 6 at, 1-530-542-1400.


**Gaby Bailey-Juarez-Latest update from Alan- On Thursday 2/25, Gaby was transferred to a
rehab center in Scottsdale, AZ. This is the next step in her recovery as she builds strength. She has been working with
the rehab team and making great progress. She has been walking on her own every day. She still has a feeding tube in
her nose & a breathing tube in her neck. We are hoping to get the breathing tube out this week or next week and we are
working on expanding her stomach back to normal. Her tummy will need a long recovery for the next few months &
she is in a lot of pain but she is a fighter. Raquel drove out to AZ this weekend to visit with Gaby & Alan is still in AZ
with her & gets to visit every day. Thank you for your prayers, God is great!

**Leota and John Jackson, Leota fell and broke her hip and is recuperating at home. John is struggling with cancer.

**Vince and Dodie Ellingson, who were former members at Chino and now reside in Kalispell, Montana. Dodie is in
a memory care facility.

**Bob Alvord is dealing with health issues.

**Darrel Nott has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

**Randy Proffitt, Danny Proffitt’s nephew, Randy, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The cancer in his
vertebrae caused a fracture in his back for which he had surgery to repair. In addition, the cancer in his lungs and
chest cavity has taken over. He is in a lot of pain and his prognosis is not good.

**Ken McCutcheon, is struggling with health issues.

**Glenn McCoy, former Elder at the State College congregation is in a nursing care facility and is struggling.
**Tom Brown, (Bob Mellard’s brother-in-law who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas). He is suffering from seizures and
is recovering at home.

**Mildred Hamilton, is struggling with health issues. She has recovered from the shingles, but she now has
pneumonia. She was hospitalized, but she is now home recuperating.

**Ed Vales, Surgery for the blood clot in his calf has been performed and he underwent knee surgery on Jan.
26th. Last report is that Ed is home recuperating.

**Dean Nelson, Danny Proffitt’s cousin. Dean is on the road to recovery. He is now in rehab working on gaining his
strength after a long, hard battle with COVID. He thanks everyone for their prayers.

**Connie McGill- Bob Mellard’s oldest sister, Connie is 93 and is in the hospital in an unresponsive state.

**Shirley Burton-Karen’s Mom, is recovering from surgery for a broken femur. The last report is that she is doing

**Amber Pitteroff-asked for prayers for dealing with temptation and is looking for a church home.

**Carol Thompson, Carol fell and broke her wrist and had stitches for a head wound.

**Mary Schaffer, Earlene’s daughter in laws sister. Mary had Covid in December and January. Due to prior health
problems she has not recovered well. She now has heart problems, The doctors are talking stents in her heart. Also
they say she has severe Covid Syndrome, and doctors are planning to do a cat scan of her brain.
Rachel Castleberg, Gene and Anne Rupel’s daughter- Rachel is pregnant and is due in May. She will be giving birth
in Germany.
Grieving: Please pray for Esther and Patrick Warf (Gene and Anne Rupel’s daughter and son-in law), as well as Gene
and Anne over the recent loss of Esther and Patrick’s baby, Molly.

THANK YOU: Earlene Abraham would like to thank everyone for their prayers on behalf of her great granddaughter,
Poppy Abraham. She is doing well.


**OUR SENIORS: Lee Dacus, Ezra Hudson, Virginia Braun, Joe Lueras, Mildred Hamilton, Bob Alvord, Earlene Abraham,
Vera Anthony, John/Leota Jackson, and Jerry/Carol Thompson.
**MILITARY: Ed Vales’ granddaughter’s husband, (AJ Jones), is at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, WA, Damon
Aragon’s nephew, and Xander Armas, USMC San Diego
**OUR SHEPHERDS: Corey, Gene, and Reuben

February Birthdays

02/02 Lanika Apodaca
02/05 John Duane
02/11 Amber Casolari
02/13 Joe Lueras
02/13 Val Lloyd
02/20 Steve Lloyd
Works we support…
Benevolent Support::
City of Hope, (Orphanage in Mexico), Orphan’s Lifeline International (Orphans in Russia and Africa),
Agape Village, (Children’s Home).
Evangelistic Support:
James Lloyd, (local evangelist), Bear Valley Bible Institute, Sunset International Bible Institute, Southwest
School of Bible Studies, (preaching training schools).
Congregation Support
Television Program Support:
IN SEARCH OF THE LORD’S WAY, (nationwide gospel tv program).
Read Through the Bible in 2021! Here is the reading schedule for 2/27- 3/15.
The reading schedule is chronological and is taken from:

27 Numbers 34-36
28 Deuteronomy 1-3
1 Deuteronomy 4-6
2 Deuteronomy 7-9
3 Deuteronomy 10-12

4 Deuteronomy 13-16
5 Deuteronomy 17-19
6 Deuteronomy 20-22
7 Deuteronomy 23-25
8 Deuteronomy 26-28
9 Deuteronomy 29-31

10 Deuteronomy 32-34
11 Joshua 1-3
12 Joshua 4-6
13 Joshua 7-9
14 Joshua 10-12
15 Joshua 13-15

March Birthdays
03/06 James Weakland
03/07 Brittney Cole
03/09 Christina Herrera
03/21 Linda Riech
03/24 Bob Alvord

Around the Brotherhood

In Search of the Lord’s Way: Be sure to watch each Sunday morning at 7:30AM on channel 56 (OTA & DirecTV) channel 10 on Spectrum cable.

Benevolent Support

City of Children- A church of Christ orphanage in Mexico

Lifeline International- A church of Christ organization that supports orphans in Russia and Africa

Agape Village-Children’s Home

Evangelistic Support

James Lloyd – Local Evangelist
Bear Valley Bible Institute– Preacher Training School
Sunset International Bible Institute – Preacher Training School
Southwest School of Bible Studies – Preacher Training School
Sunset Church of Christ /Arab Christian Center– Wissam Al-Aetawi
Philippine Mission Fund

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