Orphan’s Lifeline International

This organization supports orphanages in 9 different countries. I have introduced you to the homes in Haiti, India and Uganda. Below are the last 2 of the 5 homes in Kenya.

50% of the people in Kenya are below the poverty level with 42% of the population being younger than 14 years of age. The life expectancy is just 48 years due to disease and malnutrition. There are approximately 1.7 million orphans in this country and like all of Sub-Saharan Africa, this number is growing at an alarming rate. Nearly 20% of the children suffer from severe to moderate growth and development stunting and are common victims of abuse and neglect. Your support of a child or home at one of our Kenya programs will provide the love and care needed to help a child get on the right path for nutrition, education and spiritual wellbeing.

New Hope Children’s Home

Sponsorship Programs Available: Home Sponsorship

Orphan’s Lifeline has been supporting this orphan care home and school since 2007, three years after its inception. New Hope
Home and School serves orphaned, abandoned and neglected children from the slums outside of Mombasa and was founded by a Christian man concerned about the fate of the hundreds of children affected by parents suffering from HIV/AIDS. About 50 orphans live on this rural home style campus and the school serves approximately 400.

Acts of Charity

Sponsorship Programs Available: Orphan and Widow Family Sponsorship-Home Sponsorship

Orphan’s Lifeline has been supporting this program since 2020. This is a new project launching our Orphan and Widow Family Sponsorship program to provide the care and support to keep vulnerable children with their guardian and prevent them from separation through institutionalization, risk of child marriage and child trafficking. Our partnership with Acts of Charity is also the beginning of our Community Outreach Program through the Child Development Center which also provides community support and care to vulnerable children with parents, but who are also living in extreme poverty.

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