The Folly of Total Acceptance of All Ideas Equally

The watchword in our society that permeates so many aspects of life is acceptance. The values of any
single member of society is equal to the values of any other single individual. There is no single answer
to any question that is actually right, so every person defines “truth” based on their own experiences.
As an illustration of this, look at our world’s definition of marriage and sexual activities. For so many,
there is no difference in living together without marriage and living together inside a marriage.
Comments like, “We have been together for fifteen years, but just got married two years ago” illustrate
this so well. Our society, based on the idea of total acceptance, forbids anyone to make any judgment
about these situations.

How does a view of accepting all things as equal fit with the teachings of the Bible?

You see the same when terms like “my significant other” or “my partner” are given the same values as
those who say, “my husband” or “my wife.” The idea of total acceptance censors those who say there is
a difference between any of these words.

The end result is the same. Anyone who accepts anything never can fully embrace anything! Since all
ideas are equal in value, there is no way total acceptance of everything could ever allow anyone to fully
accept anything. There is nothing absolutely true. We have no compass to guide us!

Now take this principle of accepting everything into the church and look at the results. Is worship
totally subjective and consequently any meaningful way any one person chooses to worship has the
same value as the way any other chooses to worship? How would such impact the Lord’s supper?
There is no boundary as to what elements are found in the Lord Supper. There is no boundary as to
when one eats the Lord’s Supper. There is no boundary as to whether one ever has the Lord’s Supper.
One is told, “Judge not that you be not judged,” and such misuse of scripture results in a complete
inability to find truth that is absolute. We have no compass to guide us. Never forget that anyone who
accepts everything can never embrace anything. The Lord’s Supper can never have structure of any
form if one accepts everything.

Take this view of tolerance and the acceptance of all ideas being equal and look at how it changes
views toward sin. Look at how it changes the understanding of salvation and our view of someday
standing before the Lord to be judged.

There is truth. There is absolute truth. There is eternal truth. Jesus is absolutely the Messiah. He truly
died and literally rose on the third day. He is coming again, and each person will be judged by the
eternal truth. You can embrace this!

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