Ladies Day Event

What You See Depends On How You Look

By Neal Pollard

You get to choose, just like Jesus did (Mark 2:14) and the Good Samaritan did (Luke 10:33). When you look, who or what do you see? May I encourage us all to…
▪ See people, not pigment.
▪ See souls, not status.
▪ See minds, not money.
▪ See Christ, not color.
▪ See relationship, not race.
▪ See opportunity, not obstacle. ▪ See hope, not hopelessness.
▪ See by faith, not by features.
▪ See spiritually, not stereotypically.
▪ See empathetically, not exclusively.
▪ See persons, not politics.
▪ See biblically, not bigotedly.
▪ See impartially, not impassively.
▪ See lovingly, not loathingly.
▪ See compassionately, not condescendingly.
▪ See eternally, not externally.
▪ See responsibility, not reactions.
▪ See bridges, not bunkers.

The world tells us to see things in the ways represented on the right-hand side of the comma. But the Word urges us to focus on the left-hand side of it. Don’t let the world be your guide.

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