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The Devil Made Me Do It!

How often do we make excuses for the bad decisions and sin in our lives? Satan told God that if only the hedge of protection, which had been placed around Job, were removed, then Job, would certainly curse God to His face. God removed the hedge of protection and Satan’s assault was devastating, yet Job remained resolute. Even Job’s wife attempted to get her husband to curse God and die. Yet Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.
He could have sinned and blamed Satan. But Job knew that if he sinned he would only have himself to blame.
We live in an age that is fraught with excuse making, blame shifting, and buck passing. An honest man who will take responsibility for his actions will stand out among the multitudes and will surely, in his humility, honesty, and faithfulness, be exalted by the Lord.
If there is some sin in your life today that you need to stop making excuses for and repent of, then do it before it is too late, and be faithful!
You and you alone are responsible for your actions.

Who is responsible for your actions?

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