The Daily Planner

It’s the time of year when so many are buying or receiving calendars and planners or using an
electronic version of the same. These can be key to organizing our lives, maximizing our time
management, and strategizing ways to grow and improve in the future.
Good stewardship really demands that you are “making the most of your time, because the days are
evil” (Eph. 5:16).

In this task of planning life each day, please consider planning to do the following each and every day
of 2020:

    • Tell someone about what Jesus has done for you every day.
    • Tell God how great He is and grateful you are for Him as you pray every day.
    • Let God speak to You through His Word every day.
    • Tell your spouse, children, and family you love them every day.
    • Show someone the servant heart of Jesus in your deeds every day.
    • Do something that will help you look more like Jesus every day.
    • Help people see the joy and satisfaction of living the Christian life every day.
    • Encourage someone (via card, social media, phone, etc.) every day.
    • Compliment someone every day.
    • Examine yourself every day.
    • Provide an example of leadership to someone every day.
    • Invest in someone every day.
    • Count your blessings every day.

That’s enough to keep idleness from plaguing us, isn’t it?

Consider how helpful this will be, not just on January 1, but also March 19, June 6, September 25, and
December 30.

This life is about overcoming (1 John 5:4), but perseverance is as much about the daily grind as it is
the dramatic and grand.

Zig Ziglar wrote that “people often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s
why we recommend it daily.”

How profound!

Plan on being a better you and on doing what that requires, day by day.

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