Ladies Day Event


The story is told that Satan once held a conference with his demons. He announced his concern about the number becoming Christians and asked if any had a suggestion on how they might slow the trend.
On demon said, “We could tell people there is no heaven, so there is no need for them to become Christians.” “No, that won’t work,” said Satan. “All who believe in God know there is something beyond this life-an existence with God Himself.”
Another demon spoke up: “We could tell people there is no hell, so they have nothing to worry about if they don’t become Christians.” Satan sighed. “That won’t work either. Anyone who looks at the injustice in the world knows that there has to be a time when everything is made right.”
Finally, one demon suggested, “We could tell people that should become Christians, that there is a heaven and a hell – but that there is no hurry.” Satan laughed and said, “Perfect! That will cause more to be lost than any other message we could preach!”
The story is fiction, but the message is not: The idea that “there is no hurry” has sent millions to face God unprepared.
He was going to be all that a mortal should be-tomorrow.
No one would be kinder or braver than he -tomorrow.
But the fact is he died and faded from view,
And all that he left when his living was through
Was a bundle of things he intended to do -tomorrow.

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