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Jesus said, I HAVE COME TO SEEK AND TO SAVE THE LOST.  Last year before the pandemic arrived, I was evangelizing a group in the town of Cantagalo of about fifteen individuals and a group in our city Guarapuava of about sixty individuals, with the Bible studies completed online.  During Seann and Scherles’s preacher school break, they sought out some of the students in Cantagalo to study with them.  One of the students in which I planted the Seed came to be watered by Seann and God gave the increase.  Marcio was baptized for the forgiveness of sins on July 17.  Marcio has asked me many Bible questions over the past year online.  It is wonderful to see him in God’s Kingdom today.  The Cantagalo house church is growing.
Seann and Luiz preparing to baptize Marcio.
Growing Cantagalo congregation an hour drive from Guarapuava.
Paul wrote, ENTRUST TO FAITHFUL MEN, WHO WILL BE ABLE TO TEACH OTHERS ALSO.  I am so thankful for those who taught Paul, who taught Timothy, who taught others to teach others, who eventually over the centuries taught me, to teach others to teach others.  Several decades ago, North American Greg King wrote an Effective Evangelism training manual.  Greg gave me permission to translate it to Portuguese and modify it how I thought would be needed for the Brazilian culture along with my own experiences in evangelism.  I have taught many the process of evangelism.  This month, Brazilian preacher Luiz Perreira, father of our former AIM worker Erica, asked me for the material so he could train preachers in effective evangelism in Portuguese speaking Africa.  God does amazing works today with past workers efforts.

Paul wrote, I WANTED TO VISIT YOU ON MY WAY TO MACEDONIA.  What a blessing it has been to visit our family in June and July.  We enjoyed visiting our three grown children (Nathanael and Elise, Jacob and Natalie and Naiane – her husband CJ had to work), their families and especially our first granddaughter, Heidi.  We are so thankful to all those in so many places who sent gifts to our granddaughter.  Heidi’s parents, Jacob and Natalie Cleverdon, were overwhelmed with love and generosity.  God bless each of you!!  Holding and rocking our grandchild daily taught us so much about God, His Word, love and plans for our lives.  How we need to be like Heidi before our heavenly Father.  Jesus said, “Unless you become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” To serve our families, Ree cooked and cleaned, I mowed lawns, grocery shopped, washed dishes, and even unclogged a frost-free freezer drain.  It was great to sit with my dad, his wife Sarah and my mother-in-love Hazel and listen to their wisdom.  It was an added blessing to see more of our extended family who came to visit and worship with a few supporting congregations where family attends.  I was able to be with all my brothers and sister, and Ree was with her sisters.

Jacob, Natalie and Heidi Cleverdon
Grandpa (Vovô – in Portuguese).
Grandma (Vóvi – in Portuguese)
Natalie, Nathanael and Elise with baby Heidi
Quick visit with Naiane.
Some of the Nalley Tribe.
Ree, her mom Hazel and sisters Ronda and Roma
During our trip, I studied the Bible online with an elder, Romeu, in an evangelical denomination several times.  It has been a long process over the past couple of years, but I hope to see lots of fruit.  I encouraged a Brazilian evangelist, Isac, with counsel and lessons on how to develop an eldership.  Alost daily I stayed on top of the payment of building materials for our construction project in Guarapuava, the payroll for workers, currency exchange of funds, support transfers to our Brazilian evangelist and the two families at the preacher training school, payment of government taxes on the workers and accounting.  While traveling, one of the families in Guarapuava with six children contacted us about the freezing cold and some of their needs.  Ree and I were able to buy their whole family warm slippers and shoes for their feet and we had a member of the church go to our apartment and grab four sleeping bags we do not need.  Two kids each fit in each sleeping bag to sleep toasty warm.
Paul wrote, ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER AND BUILD ONE ANOTHER UP.  Government officials allowed churches to meet at twenty-five percent auditorium capacity in June and fifty percent capacity in July.  Vaccines have arrived in Brazil and Covid seems to be slowly calming down.  Instead of providing an online worship broadcast from a home to all the members, as has been our situation for the past year, now it is broadcast from the building with Bible class also.  People from the community have been seeing our sign for free Biblical Theology classes and have been calling to set up studies.  These classes have kept our Brazilian evangelist Henrique and his wife Jhenifer busy online and at the building.  Pray for God to give the increase.  Members continue to encourage each other daily with cell phone applications.
PowerPoint, Zoom online and simple equipment.  God has blessed us.
Saturday Youth Group Bible Study
Henrique and Jhenifer have several Bible studies in progress for the salvation of souls.
BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE:  Six men have raised the walls, put on the second floor, prepared the plumbing system and the roof is in process.  The Brazilian winter’s high humidity and 32-degree Fahrenheit temperature has not slowed them down.  Please pray for the safety of the workers to build a baptistry that opens to the auditorium, a full-size kitchen, and two additional Bible classrooms.  The cost of the project is $32,000 dollars.  So far $33,213.00 has been given towards this construction.  PRAISE GOD, OUR FUND-RAISING GOAL IS COMPLETED.  Thank you for sacrificing generously with us.  The extra that was donated will be put towards setting up the kitchen with appliances and furnishing the Bible classrooms.

Following Jesus the Christ with you,

Alan and Ree Nalley

Second floor of construction underway.
Brick on frozen bucket of water as temperatures fall to 32 degrees.
Second floor walls going up, barbeque pit being built in kitchen area, as sister in Christ has come to help her husband build.
Roof begins.
Workers rest at home with Brazilian hot tea (Chimarrão) and some have wood burning cook stove to hover over.
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Families of Dan and Barbara Acock, Jim and Helen Bobo, Reuben and Roma Lacuata, John and Sherena Langley, Hazel Ramsbotham, Lonnie and Sharon Roberts, Victor and Nettie Gray, Jacob and Natalie Cleverdon, Wilma Benson, Kathy Grover, Philip and Jean Terry, Ronda Johnson, Tom and Tanya Clarke, Ross and Angela Hocker, Karen West, Johnny and Cheryl Knight and Cody Wayne Johnson.

Our Contact Information: PHONE for Alan and Ree: (405) 237-0540.  This is a free call in the USA that rings our computer in Brazil.  If no answer, please leave a message.

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