Great Slogans of the Restoration Movement

The “Restoration Movement” was, and still is, an attempt to restore the Christianity that we
read about in the New Testament.

Across the ages, those successful in communicating their ideas to others have been able to
reduce complicated ideas and concepts into simple, easily remembered slogans.
Below are some of the great slogans of the Restoration pioneers of the 1800’s.
Some of these slogans deal with the original effort to restore New Testament Christianity.
Others deal with the splintering of the movement.

I. “No creed but Christ, no book but the Bible.”
II. “Do Bible things in Bible ways; call Bible things by Bible names.”
III. “Where the Scripture speak we speak; where the Scripture are silent, we are silent.”
IV. “In matters of faith, unity; in matters of opinion liberty; in all things, love.”
V. “Truth first, union afterward; and union only in truth.”
VI. “Be true to the truth, oppose the error, but bear with humanity.”
VII. “Back to Jesus, back to the Bible, back to Jerusalem.”
VIII. “The only way to make progress in religion is by going back to the Bible.”

These eight slogans are not inspired.

They should not be thought of as Scripture.

However, they are truths that help us remember our commitment to be Christians only.
Our goal is to be Christians just like the saints in the first century.

Nothing more. And nothing less.

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