Bearing Fruit? Works Salvation? Or Do Nothing?

There are those who will proudly proclaim that no one has to do anything in order to be saved and loudly complain about a perceived works salvation. So, let’s be clear and balanced here: Does the Bible teach that we don’t have to do anything? Not even close! Does the Bible teach
that we somehow merit our salvation by the works that we do? Nope, doesn’t teach that either. The truth, as often is the case, lies somewhere in between these two extreme ideas.

Does one have to do nothing to spend eternity in heaven?

John demanded that those who came out to be baptized return and “bear fruit” if they hoped to be saved (Luke 3:8–9). When many came to him asking what they needed to do he didn’t say that they didn’t have to do anything but instructed them in the ways of righteousness. When
Jesus came along he not only taught righteous living but also went about doing good, leaving us an example to do just as he did (Acts 10:38).

Obedience to God is absolutely essential! Yet we must also consider that just going about doing good doesn’t define Christianity or righteousness. Jesus also said that the gospel needed to be preached (Mark 13:10). Doing good and bearing fruit is a vehicle through which
we gain the opportunity to tell others about Christ, His love, and the hope we have in Him. Obey God, bear fruit, and preach the Good News. Faithful living is essential to our salvation (Matthew 25:21, 23)!

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