Chino Church of Christ
Ladies Day Event

Announcements May 26

Travelling: Joe Lueras is visiting family in New Mexico & Texas

Ladies Class: On hiatus until September

Youth Activity: TODAY
Lunch at church building from 12-12:30PM.
Then go to K-1 Speed in Ontario until about 3PM. Two races for $38.

Lunch Bunch: Tuesday, May 28th, 11:30AM. At Denny’s 12180 Central, Chino Order what you want but each person pays for their meal. Everyone is welcome. The food and fellowship are always very good! If you need a ride call Earlene Abraham or Raquel Vales. At our last lunch, seven gathered to enjoy the fellowship, including newcomers Bob Alvord and Jeff Nugent.

June 2: Steve & Val Lloyd will be in town for Hope and Sarah’s graduation.
Steve will be giving the morning sermon.

Quilting for Agape Village Children’s Home: Please join us for quilt tying for Agape Village on Saturday, June 8th from 10AM to 1PM at the church building. This will be the last quilt tying session this year.

Men’s Breakfast: June 8, 2019 @ 8:00 AM. See info on page 4.

World English Institute (WEI) needs Internet Bible Teachers: offers a English Grammar / Bible course. English is used to go fishing for men and women. New students from every country in the world are starting Bible studies each month. The lessons are automatically graded by the website. Teachers reply to their students’ questions about God and faith. Register to become a teacher at: If you have questions or need a demonstration, ask Reuben Lacuata who is an Internet Bible teacher with WEI.

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief: For anyone who shops at Amazon, you can go to and choose to have a percentage of every purchase you make be donated to the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, or any other non-profit that they have in their list. It’s an easy way to help, just by buying whatever you were already planning to buy.

Website: Please visit the Chino Church Website, at You will find valuable information as well as sermons and upcoming events.

Bulletin: Send your updates to Gene Rupel at

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